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Renata Avila is a Guatemalan lawyer specializing in human rights and intellectual property and an advocate for freedom of expression, privacy, digital rights, transparency, and indigenous rights. She is the Country Lead of Creative Commons in Guatemala and collaborates as author on Global Voices Online and Global Voices Advocacy. She was the Latin American researcher for the OpenNet Initiative and a country lead researcher for the Mapping Digital Media initiative. She is focusing on the state of electronic surveillance, its impact on citizens rights and the national, regional and international mechanisms to defend citizen rights against it. Her research is taking place in four of the most violent countries in the region (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras). This area is known as the Northern Triangle, and is where the drug war and increased violence have been used as justification for surveillance and control over citizens, with little to no oversight. She is also collaborating with the Web We Want initiative, celebrating the open web and taking action against its threats. She is documenting best practices in Latin America to keep the Internet Open, Accessible, Free and Generative.

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